Bibhuti Chakraborty

June 24, 2016
Born in Kolkata 1965,He passed B.V.A. from Indian College of Arts &Draftmanship, 1988.

In recent times every soul is independent and self obsessed, confusion mars the peace within. We are born in a turmoil, inhumane condition. This is the very concern of the hour.These have influenced my very being and has been reflected through my works. Animated figures, cartoons, dolls (cause the society shapes our imagination) disproportionate, crooked, headless, handless and other imaginary matter have had lured my soul. Playful decorative element are added to mould the flavour. The reason might be specified as the inhumane, cruel, fierce thoughts can be over-come by the modern consumptions temporarily but the other opportunities does not pacify the wretched soul. The temporary satisfactions I receive from these measures appear to me as meagre decorations.

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